Gary Vaynerchuk

I hear Gary Vaynerchuk. And it isn't because he's a loud, charismatic dude. The owner of the Wine Library, Gary turned his dad's million-dollar wine shop in New York into a $50 million international wine seller. Then he turned to the Web and produces WineLibrary.TV --- a Web show dedicated to wine. He writes a lot on Twitter, his wine social networking site and produces short videos on his personal site, most of which are about personal branding.

Like a lot of people interested in personal branding look to Gary with a little bit of hero worship. He HATES that. He does not want to be viewed as a big shot on anything. He even proved he sucked in a video last summer.

After watching a few dozen videos Gary made on the topic of personal branding and Web businesses, I extracted three key themes he repeats a lot: You need to be STRAIGHT UP AUTHENTIC. The type of camera I use is B.S. It is about the COMMUNITY and CONTENT. To me, the advice is nothing short of golden. Of course, you have to "have the pipes" and the presence and the passion, Gary says over and over. A lot of people don't have that, but the ones who do and target it to a brand or business will win this game.