The latest webisode of Filmfellas was posted this week and features the conclusion of a conversation between four cinematographers -- Jens Bogehegn, Robert Primes ASC, Trent Opaloch and Philip Bloom.

This is one of two web shows Zacuto produces, along with Critics, and offers great roundtable discussions on all aspects of filmmaking, from shooting weddings to major motion pictures. It’s well produced and the topics and guests are usually fascinating if you’re interested in cinematography. 

FilmFellas Cast 6: "Cinematography" Webisode 27 ~ Cultivating Trust
The round table of DPs (Jens Bogehegn, Robert Primes ASC, Trent Opaloch and Philip Bloom), discuss the DP/Director relationship. They elaborate on ways to handle a problem director, the art of collaboration and staying true to your craft. Next, they exchange views on artistic vision and bonding with the director on a more personal level to build trust.

FilmFellas Cast 6 Filmmakers:
Jens Bogehegn
Robert Primes, ASC
Trent Opaloch
Philip Bloom