Photojournalists in Haiti

Pack Clif Bars, learn a half-dozen methods to sterilize drinking water and charge lots and lots of batteries are three foundational tips for working in a disaster environment in a third world country.

The topic on This Week in Photography is Haiti and how photojournalists are coping with the conditions there.

The group gives advice on the podcast that is basic, but would be helpful to anyone traveling to a second- or third-world country to shoot.

Also discussed is: when to put the camera down and help. I remember listening to a talk given by Los Angeles Times photographer Rick Loomis last year at the Mountain Workshops where he showed video of the U.S. military unit he was traveling with taking heavy fire in Iraq. Loomis said at one point he stopped shooting and helped other troops carry a wounded American soldier out of the firestorm. In that situation, he said, your instinct tells you to drop the camera and do what's right.