The Way Is Blocked

Shannon Dale Engagement: Lexington, Ky. - Images by Derek Poore

Thirty minutes after the engagement shoot began, thunder rumbled. 

Pretty soon only half the shoot was complete and a severe thunderstorm, packing 60 mph winds, chewed through the Lexington, Ky., countryside and downed numerous trees. Lexington photographer Jonathan Palmer and I forged ahead and our subjects were happy to oblige.

After manuevering around several downed trees that obstructed many roads in Fayette and Woodford counties, we spotted the first rainbow but we weren't in a good place to make a picture. We kept driving. But the rainbow was not going to hang around forever.

After darting into a field, umbrella in hand, the couple stood for a few shots. Rain was still falling, but the sky, light and colors were too good to pass up.

All of the shortcuts we took were well worth it -- the four of us toasted afterward with bourbon and beer at dinner.

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