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Kyle Kurlick | Hands Up Visuals

Say hello to Hands Up Visuals.

Friend and colleague Brad Luttrell has launched Hands Up Visuals, a wedding media agency with services in Louisville, Nashville and Memphis. The agency piqued my interested because it offers one production house for several services, including still photography, video and design. 

I'm now booking all of my weddings through Hands Up, and you can check out their pricing and services at the website. Brad has recruited myself, Kyle Kurlick and Emily Spence into the agency. Kyle's a badass photographer and Emily is a badass designer.

The agency also has a Facebook page. We're going to have a lot of fun.

The Gray Lady mutes online design so content pops

The New York Times' has long been known as The Gray Lady. The storied newspaper's Web site is no exception.

Poynter has a quick Q&A with Khoi Vinh, the design director at NYTimes.com. He said the site basically adheres to three colors: a near-black that is easier on the eyes than 100 percent black, a dark blue for links and green for Blogrunner's third-party links. The simple design does not distract from the site's content which pops.

"And we have a couple of other subtle, pale tones that we use from time to time," Vinh said. "But you know, the paper's called The Gray Lady for a reason. We try to respect that."

Vinh blogs about design at subtraction.com.