The Way Is Blocked

Shannon Dale Engagement: Lexington, Ky. - Images by Derek Poore

Thirty minutes after the engagement shoot began, thunder rumbled. 

Pretty soon only half the shoot was complete and a severe thunderstorm, packing 60 mph winds, chewed through the Lexington, Ky., countryside and downed numerous trees. Lexington photographer Jonathan Palmer and I forged ahead and our subjects were happy to oblige.

After manuevering around several downed trees that obstructed many roads in Fayette and Woodford counties, we spotted the first rainbow but we weren't in a good place to make a picture. We kept driving. But the rainbow was not going to hang around forever.

After darting into a field, umbrella in hand, the couple stood for a few shots. Rain was still falling, but the sky, light and colors were too good to pass up.

All of the shortcuts we took were well worth it -- the four of us toasted afterward with bourbon and beer at dinner.

Wedding: Jennifer and Keith

Wedding - Louisville, Ky. 

 Location shooting is full of surprises. That's one of the main reasons I love documentary photography. "How can we turn this into a visually appealing situation?"

When shooting weddings, churches and venues all start to look the same, so one of the first things I do is wander around the neighborhood to look for something different, something that doesn't scream wedding. Jennifer and Keith were married July 16, 2011, in Louisville, Ky.

I scoped out a few streets around the church for some after-ceremony photos. This side street had depth, character and even though the light was still hard (about 6 p.m.) the quick stop and kiss worked.

Hands where I can see 'em!


Kyle Kurlick | Hands Up Visuals

Say hello to Hands Up Visuals.

Friend and colleague Brad Luttrell has launched Hands Up Visuals, a wedding media agency with services in Louisville, Nashville and Memphis. The agency piqued my interested because it offers one production house for several services, including still photography, video and design. 

I'm now booking all of my weddings through Hands Up, and you can check out their pricing and services at the website. Brad has recruited myself, Kyle Kurlick and Emily Spence into the agency. Kyle's a badass photographer and Emily is a badass designer.

The agency also has a Facebook page. We're going to have a lot of fun.

Amy Swann and Matt Thompson: Wedding Shoot

On Sept. 11 I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Amy Swann and Matt Thompson at the Crescent Hill Womans Club in Louisville, Ky. The couple’s ceremony and reception were held on-site. The venue was beautiful. The late-day sun and a little off-camera flash helped me with my portraits. The super sharp Canon 35mm f/1.4 L did the rest.

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Emily Jent and Ryan Fackler: Wedding Shoot

Bride Emily Jent dances with her father - By Derek Poore

On Aug. 28 I had the pleasure of assisting Brad Luttrell shoot the wedding of Emily Jent and Ryan Fackler. The wedding and reception were held at a private residence in the Crescent Hill area of Louisville. 

During the ceremony I started making pictures from the wings but I took a moment and shot wide and telephoto from the roof in the middle of the service. Brad nailed a great shot from the roof while I played VAL (voice assisted lightstand) with an SB-26 Speedlight during the bride and groom’s first dance.

Congrats Emily and Ryan! Check out more pictures in my PhotoShelter gallery.

Andrea and Brett: eHarmony TV spoof

Engagement videos do not have to always be a serious, romantic montage of a content couple. Not that there's anything wrong with that. 

This is a parody of eHarmony’s TV commercials. They really did first meet on eHarmony. Sort of. Check the video for the full story. Jonathan Palmer and I made this for the upcoming wedding of Andrea Uhde and Brett Shepherd. Watch in HD.

Jeanie Bradley and Michael Lawrence: Wedding Shoot


Light stands and the wind do not mix, especially with umbrella wind sails on top. While helping Brad Luttrell shoot a recent wedding, I hauled up some of my Strobist-inspired dumbbell weights. I used bungee cords to attach the weights near the bottom of the light stands.

Despite the 20 mph winds that were slamming the rooftop of Glassworks in downtown Louisville, the stands weren’t going anywhere, but it didn’t keep my umbrellas from flipping inside out. That’s a whole other problem entirely. 

The rain clouds held off, though, and the rooftop ceremony went off with the bride and groom happily married. Congratulations to Jeanie Bradley and Michael Lawrence!

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Link La Rocca Wedding

Link La Rocca Wedding at Locust Grove. Photos by Derek Poore.

On June 12 I helped photographer Brad Luttrell shoot the wedding of Robert Link and Alessandra La Rocca in the blistering Louisville heat. The ceremony was held at St. Francis of Rome and the reception followed outside at Locust Grove.

The historic land and home dates to the 1700s and was the last residence of George Rogers Clark, founder of Louisville. Keepers of the site say Meriwether Lewis and William Clark stopped there on the way back from exploring the West.

The reception setting made for a nice environment and several nice backgrounds, but I felt like I’d been swimming in my clothes by 6 p.m. The wedding party toughed it out for us, though.

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